milli the millepede

Millipedes protect themselves by one of two means.  They can coil themselves up, like a slimy sort of cinnamon roll.  This keeps their tender undersides shielded by their rigid exteriors.  Another way they ward off predators is by secreting a toxic liquid, or hydrogen cyanide gas, from their pores.  Such a substance is only a mild irritant to humans, but can burn the exoskeleton of ants, or the eyes and skin of larger animals.  Some monkeys have even been caught rubbing the substance on themselves as an effective bug spray.

Event Details:

  • Likes to Eat: dead leaves, cucumber and rotten fruit
  • Age: 4
  • Did You Know?: Most millipedes actually have less than 100 legs. The record holder for most legs has a mere 750. She has velcro instead of laces as it takes her so long to put her shoes on.